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What is the theme of “The Glass House” series? How long will the series last?

The Glass House series will take place from October 1, 2017 through October 15, 2017. The theme of this series will be grounded in the power of authentic relationships. Pastors Troy and Steph will provide key insights on how to possess and cultivate gratifying relationships and share from a biblical perspective that when our relationships are centered in Christ, they unleash a power in our lives that propels us into our God-given potential. Teaching topics will include how to deal with conflict, how to communicate honestly and effectively, and specific attitudes and character traits that must be present in for a relationship to thrive.

To illustrate the power of authenticity and transparency, Pastors Troy and Steph will be living in a glass house located on the property of our Cooper City campus for a period of 15 days. The glass house will be wired with cameras, providing a 24/7 live web-feed to any who wish to get an inside look into their uncensored and unfiltered life. Viewers will be able to watch live at beginning Sunday September 10th at 5pm.

Who will be living in the glass house?

Our Lead Pastors, Troy & Steph Gramling will be living in the glass house. They will move into the house during our launch party on October 1st at 5pm.

What is the thought behind Pastors Troy and Steph living in a glass house? What will they be doing in the glass house?

Pastors Troy & Steph will do everything they normally would, just inside a glass house. They will be sleeping, eating, studying for weekend messages, and doing every-day life from inside the glass house. However, they will be permitted to leave at any time during their stay for personal needs. The house will come equipped with air conditioning and electricity. Pastors Troy and Steph will use the bathrooms and showers located inside the church facility.

Where will the glass house be located?

The glass house will be located on the property of our Cooper City campus.


What will the glass house look like?

The house will be a fully glass-enclosed structure measuring 10ft x 20ft and a total of 200 square feet. The glass house will be equipped with AC, electricity, and proper shading from the sunlight. Inside the glass house, there will be a bedroom area equipped with a bed and wardrobe, a living area equipped with furniture and entertainment center, a dining area, and kitchenette. While the roof may be covered, all sides will be transparent, providing a direct view of the interior.

Will I be able to login to the website at any time of day to view the glass house live feed?

Yes. You can log on to 24/7 to view the live feed from within the glass house.

Will Pastor Troy be teaching from inside the glass house?

No, Pastor Troy will teaching from the platform at all of our weekend services.

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Will there be security monitoring the glass house?

Yes. The glass house will be monitored closely and equipped with top-of-the line security 24/7.

Will others be permitted to come and see the glass house?

Yes, individuals will be permitted onto Potential Church property to view the glass house from the hours of 9am-5pm during the week and anytime during our weekend services. However, we kindly ask that all individuals do not come within a 30 foot radius of the glass house for safety and security reasons. Individuals will not be permitted to touch, enter, or tamper with the glass house in any form or manner. The best view of what is taking place  inside the glass house will be live streamed to

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